580 Blue Silk Crown Child's Scholars Hat with Fish

#580 Blue Silk Crown Mirrored Child’s Scholars Hat; the top section of this hat mimics a Ming Dynasty official’s hat and is called tongtian guan meaning reach the sky crown; Inside of the top crown is a female surrounded by flowers (send me an email if you know what character she is); The body of the are six pieces of black silk applique cut in the ruyi cloud motif to represent good luck and all wishes come true; sides adorned with two orange silk fish with coated paper details…representing abundance and marital happiness; condition of this originally fine hat is only fair as the blue silk is faded, the silver backing on the old mirrors are compromised and one is cracked, and the tails of the fish are very fragile; however the gold foil edges are in usually good condition and the hat has its original old flower print lining; 18.5” circumference; c 1900; northern China


  • Price: $320

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