521 Bai Minority Girls Pomegranate/Butterfly Hat

#521  Bai Minority Girls Pomegranate Butterfly Hat; Classic symbolic hat from the Dali Area of Yunnan Province; Attached ru-yi (“may your wished come true”) shaped crown of red silk embroidered with flowers and a butterfly (happiness) and attached pompoms on hand-made springs (Jung Balls…the Hero’s Courage); two side attached circles with pink peony (wealth and worldly glory); Fine large appliqued composite image of butterfly and pomegranate with Chinese coin center on the back; three base metal Immortal figures on front; old glass beads on small pompoms; silver and gold foil couching on edges; red cotton lining with evidence of use; c 1960; collected by the late Peter Nelson in late 1980’s 20” circumference   


  • Price: $90

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