690 Green & Black Double Tiger Silk Hat with “Kitty”

#690 Green and Black Double Tiger Silk Hat with Tiger “Kitty”. Grinning Green tiger on top with bold white nose with wanzi (swastika) symbolizing good luck and prosperity and a green fringed curly tail. The    bottom Black Silk tiger has a finely embroidered on gold foil orange tiger that looks rather like a kitty. On the opposite cheek are embroidered “Buddha Hands” (for immortality) and a pomegranate (blessed with many offspring). Both of the Chinese character “wang” for “king” on the tigers’ foreheads indicate that the tiger is the king of the animals are intact, but the black tiger’s mouth has some damage; green brocade and blue silk lining; c 1890-1900; Han Chinese; northern China;     19” circumference     


  • Price: $400

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