691 Majestic Orange Silk Tiger Wind Hat

#691 Majestic Orange Tiger Wind Hat; The protective tiger hat given to young boys to protective them from evils spirits and to imbue them with the strength and courage of the tiger, who is known of the King of the Animals. On the tiger’s forehead is the Chinese character “wang” for “king”. Body of the tiger has unique inked designs; Finely embroidered Buddha Hand flowers for immortality and butterflies for happiness are attached on covered paper; the back wind flap has a border of additional exquisite flowers and birds  All original from late 19th to early 20th Qing Dynasty with the possible exception of the insertion of the embroidered flowers and butterfly on gold foil on the back flap;  some wear on the blue silk lining; basically good condition with soiling on the lining of the back flap and some slight smudging of the ink; Han Chinese; northern China; 19" circumference     


  • Price: $290

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