694 Money-Tongued Chinese Creature Silk Children’s Hat

#694 Money-Tongued Chinese Creature Silk Children’s Hat; Adorable faced creature…could be a tiger with stripes or a dragon with a curly tail. His tongue has the symbol for coin with the hopes of the child obtaining great wealth; his smile is broad, but he is missing a few teeth; thin silk flat braids are used to create the stripes and other concentric designs; an unusual touch are the small hand-made glass beads topping silk dangles around the body of the creature; a commercially woven ribbon is added to the black silk hat; the back wind flap has fine satin stich embroidery over paper cuts of flowers on a faded apricot colored silk;  the gold silk lining shows soiling and considerable use; This unique hat is in fair condition; 20” circumference;  late 19th century; Han Chinese        


  • Price: $220

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