699 Charming Orange and Black Tiger Hat with Opera Scene

#699 Charming Black and Orange Silk Chinese Tiger Hat with Opera Scene; Orange silk body of the tiger has fine black silk embroidered stripes and simple flowers; bright perky purple ears; more delicate embroidered flowers on the cheeks including Buddha Hands representing immortality and happiness. Black silk tiger face forehead has the “Wang” or “King” character representing the tiger as king of the animals; the lips of mouth has lost some its red silk, but the teeth and thangs are intact. The back wind lap has extremely detailed embroidery on gold foil paper of a home and four characters from an opera scene; the flap framing of purple silk is faded as is the green silk background; polished cotton lining; generally in good condition;  early 20th century; 17” circumference   


  • Price: $300

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