349 Traditional Needlepoint Tajik Woman's Hat Pamir Mountains

#349 Traditional Tajik Woman’s Hat from Pamir Mountains.  Front center piece which shows even when wearing a covering veil or cloth is an extremely finely executed needle point of traditional designs with a dark marron background; other sections of the hat are more loosely embroidered lively circular designs with floral centers; the lining which is tough but shows use is machine quilted cotton; from the eastern Pamir Mountain Plateau of Taxkorgan Tajik Autonomous County, Xinjiang Province of China;        purchased in Kasghar on October 10, 2004; 22” circumference; p 92-93 China’s Ethnic Minorities; p 54 The Headwear Culture of Minority Groups in China, 2002 (see photo) 


  • Price: $120

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