444 Akha/Hani Dramatic Woman's Silver Headdress

#444 Well-made example of the Pamee (or Phami) Group of Akha (Hani) Minority woman's headdress. The Pamee were originally from Menghai County, Yunnan; now living in Mae Sai, Thailand on the Burma Border; the headdress is covered with lines of small metal half circles on front and triangle back; sides of primarily red glass beads; with Thai and Burmese coins added; front edge is black velvet; long loops of glass beads from the top and bottom of the hat; other metal strips with embossed designs; c 1985; in mint condition;  p 249 Ahka – Guardians of the Forest; p 214 Peoples of the Golden Triangle;  13” wide x 9” tall;


  • Price: $280

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