Vintage and Antique Chinese Children's Hats

girlhatChinese Children's Hats are found in two distinct large groupings both which are represented in this collection of fine handmade hats. The most predominate are the vintage Han Chinese Children's hats from four northern provinces of China including Shanxi, Shaanxi (Xian), Hebei, and Shandong. Most of these hats in the collection date from early 20th century to 1950. The second group is found among the Miao, Dong, Yi, and Bai Minority people of SW China. In the more isolated mountainous regions minority children are still wearing their protective hats today.

No matter the origin the purposes of the lovingly created hats are the same: to provide protection from evil spirits, demons, and ghosts but also to imbue the child with important qualities such as wealth, health, courage, academic success, happiness, long life, grace,and beauty. All of the hats are full of symbolism. An excellent source of information is Stories of Chinese Children's Hats, Symbolism and Folklore by Phylis Lan Lin & Christi Lan Lin.


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