771 Bai Silk Lotus Pedal Hat with Human Hair

$ 75.00

#771  Vintage Bai Minority Child’s Lotus Petal Hat with Human Hair; Black velvet 3” tall band with padded appliqued lotus (for purity and nobility) pedals in green and pink silk with silk embroidered flower images; more good satin and stem stitched peonies (for wealth and worldly glory) on the back representing ; white cotton insert in the open crown of the hat has sweet, intricate crossed stitched design with butterflies (for happiness) and an 8-pointed star;  two locks of braided human hair on the top front; blown glass beads on tassels; mid- 20th century; good condition; Dali area of Yunnan Province; 20” circumference      

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About Textile Treasures

Textile Treasures specializes in traditional hand-made vintage Chinese Children’s Hats as well as Chinese Minority textiles and jewelry.

In addition to vintage pieces, we are committed to providing a market for those skilled crafts people who are able to continue their traditional handicrafts in their rapidly changing world.