Bl 311 Antique Zhuang Minority Applique Dowry Quilt Top

$ 600.00

Antique appliqué Zhuang Minority Dowry Quilt top of 20 8” squares divided in fourths each quarter with a central diamond with a cross or X and a single row of four 4”x 8” oblongs without the X’s on one side ; two unique squares: a floral couched design and an appliqué flower; handwoven indigo and natural cotton and commercial cotton including prints; all hand-stitched; shows wear and use; from Nandan County, Guangxi Province c 1930 -1940s; 74” x 62” with handwoven indigo cotton frame; p 109-110 Quilts of Southwest China by Marsha MacDowell and Lijun Zhang

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Bl 311
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About Textile Treasures

Textile Treasures specializes in traditional hand-made vintage Chinese Children’s Hats as well as Chinese Minority textiles and jewelry.

In addition to vintage pieces, we are committed to providing a market for those skilled crafts people who are able to continue their traditional handicrafts in their rapidly changing world.