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#675 Large Chinese Scholars Pavilion Silk Hat; Made with fine Silk Embroidery; The Kuan or Champion of the civil examinations hat was given to young boys with the hopes of having academic success and an illustrative career;  Hat given to young boys with the hopes of having academic success and an illustrative career; The black silk crown has very fine silk embroidered composite flowers, pomegranates, and butterflies outlined with fine gimped silk; back wind flap has unusual embroidered borders with more silk embroidered butterflies and flowers on gold foil; silk lining; excellent condition; late 19thc to early 20th century; likely Shanxi Province; 23” circumference                

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#696 Black Silk Floral Embroidered Tiger Hat. Very fine silk embroidered flowers over treated paper cutouts including lotus for purity and nobility and peony for wealth and worldly glory. The tiger hat protects the young from evils spirits and imbues them with the strength and courage of the tiger. On the tiger’s forehead is the Chinese character “wang” for “king” of the animals. The silk colors are bright on this hat especailly on the back wind flap; the only major problem is a lack of a mouth; Han Chinese; Blue silk lining; c 1900; 17” circumference

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#704 Smiling Double Tiger Silk Chinese Child’s Hat. Traditional Double Tiger hat to scare away evil spirits and to provide courage. The bottom tiger is of black silk with extremely fine satin-stitched silk embroidery of flowers and butterflies for happiness surrounded with the tiniest twisted couched silk tread; facial features are excellent, but the “wang” sign for “king” of the animals is missing parts; The top dragon is an orange brocade also with excellent undamaged features; stripes of attached silk braids; Wang sign on forehead  cotton and silk lining are fairly clean; general excellent condition; early 20th century; 19” circumference   

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#711 Yellow Silk Tiger Child’s Vest and Tiger Hat Set. An uncommon Qing Dynasty vest and hat set made of yellow silk brocade. The vest has the dorsal image of the tiger created with an applicated head with attached features and sprawled slightly padded back legs; all features are highlighted with ink designs; on the back of the vest are the “Five Poisons” (snake/lizard, centipede, scorpion, toad, and spider) also to ward off evil while surrounding the Taoist symbol of a double gourd containing all magical medicines. The images are very finely embroidered in a fill chain-stitch with Peking knot highlights. The trim is primarily wrapped cording; the left shoulder opening is closed with two more modern snaps; good commercial brown lining; very good condition; 12”wide x 10” long; c 1910

The accompanying Chinese Child’s hat is a Tiger hat with a black silk face and a yellow silk body again with ink drawn stripes and other decorative features. There is a bit of blue silk fringe edging the face and black silk for eyelashes; all facial features in good condition; 20” circumference;

This set was collected in Hong Kong or Singapore in the 1980s.  

Welcome to Textile Treasures specializing in vintage Chinese Children’s Hats as well as Chinese Minority textiles and jewelry.  The People's Republic of China officially recognizes 56 nationalities which make up their population. The Han people speaking dialects of Chinese comprise approximately 91% of the population, while the minority nationalities belonging to various other linguistic groups compose the remaining 9%. The Miao, Dong, Zhaung, Yi, Yao, Hani, Buyi, and Maonan living in mountainous areas of the southwestern provinces of Guizhou, Guangxi, Hunan, Yunnan, and Sichuan are the main minorities whose incredible work are represented in our website.

All of the textile work offered on this site are traditional pieces created by hand. Efforts are made to be as accurate as possible in dating the items and when possible explaining the techniques involved in what is nearly always extremely elaborate, highly skilled and time-consuming work. In addition to vintage pieces, we are committed to providing a market for those skilled crafts people who are able to continue their traditional handicrafts in their rapidly changing world.

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