647 Yörük Turkman Beaded Bridal Fes from Keles Turkey

$ 250.00

#647 Yörük Turkman Beaded Bridal Fes from Keles area of Turkey; These Karakeçeli (Yörük)  head pieces were worn topped with sequin covered scarves; body of the hat is tightly crocheted black wool with three dangling geometrical beaded panels on front; more beaded tassels on the sides have small wool felt balls and a few cloves attached   beaded band attached at the front brim of the hat; top piece are beaded circles over a stiff base; print cotton lining; good condition 20” circumference; 5.5” tall; from the collection of Victoria Rivers who featured this and another fes on page 119 of her book, The Shining Cloth Dress & Adornment that Glitter;   

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